Auctus Surgical

San Francisco, CA

Dynamic spinal tethering system for pediatric scoliosis

John Barrett

InkSpace Imaging

Moraga, CA

High-sensitivity, comfortable and flexible printed MRI coil arrays for pediatric patients

Balthazar Lechene, PhD


Certus Critical Care

Sacramento, CA

Pediatric VentRight Monitor

M. Austin Johnson, MD, PhD

Shape Change Technologies

Thousand Oaks, CA

Breastfeeding appliance for infants born with cleft palate

Annie Boekelheide, RN, MSN, PNP


San Francisco, CA

Pneumonia detection device

Adam Rao


Boston Children's Hospital

Boston, MA

Minimally invasive treatment for anastomotic esophageal strictures

Michael Manfredi, MD

Thorn Tech

Castro Valley, CA

Neocare peritoneal dialysis machine

John Thorn
Paul Brakeman, MD, PhD


San Francisco, CA

3D printed pectus carinatum brace

Sean Smith

People's Choice Award - $2,500*


San Francisco, CA

Pneumonia Detection Device

Adam Rao

*A previous email incorrectly stated the amount as $3,500